is Ranked as the SECOND Biker Dating Site

BikerPlanet is a great dating site for people who are still living alone and looking for meeting a single man or single woman with the same interests and the similar character. To be more precise,Biker Planet is not a dating site for bikers only. As long as you are interested in dating with a biker, you are welcome to join the site. As a result, you should tolerate and accept that many members you meet there can not share motorcycle culture or riding experiences with you, though they may be interested in riding with you for curiosity. But for all this, we still think that is worth a recommendation as the third biker dating website since you can see it advertising which aims to biker dating, Harley dating, biker women or men and so on. So we believe you can meet some true biker singles there.

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BikerPlanet is not better than Harley dating site

Once you register with this biker planet dating site, you will find that it is such an easy to use platform for its members. Lets start from its sign-up process. It will only take you a few minutes to create a new account and a basic profile. Then, you are free to have a look at this platform and try its features immediately. This biker planet dating site will show you several profiles of other members who meet your need. And you just need to browse their biker dating profiles and add to favorite The biker planet dating site's instant message system will be a great tool for single Harley riders to connect with each other as long as they are both interested in.

Submitted by Joyce

Your Perfect Biker Date Is Wating For Your Online

Although there is a 12-year age difference, but we still got a match on BikerPlanet. But neither of us was really taking it seriously. Then he messaged me and we talked a little bit. I found that we were having something in common. So, I gave him my phone number and we went on our first date a week later. After that, we kept hanging out regularly and we were in love even without noticing. So, it is great to date on online dating site, like BikerPlanet. Who knows? Maybe your perfect biker guy or biker girl are waiting for you.

                                    Submitted by Caroline

BikerPlanet is An Excellent Dating Site for Motorcycle Riders

We met each other within our first week on BikerPlanet. So, I think it is called fate. When we signed up the site, we both dated other single bikers in that week. Suddenly, I realize that all the dates were ignored by me, but he is there. He just know who I feel and what I like to listen. So, we continue to date for a while on the site. Finally, we both agree to have an official and face-to-face date. Things went well and we got married two years ago. To be honest, BikerPlanet is an excellent dating site for single biker men and biker women, and I want to thank it for all it did for us.

                                    Submitted by Jennifer

It Is Possible to Meet Your True Biker Love Online

I met my wife on BikerPlanet in 2011. I dated a few of the women in town who didn't ride motorcycles, but it wasn't working out. So I decided to try online dating for bikers. I didn't want to pay for it, so I'd try BikerPlanet. a free online biker dating sites. Although I had some really bad dates on the site. But finally I met a biker girl and we really hit it off. So, we dated for a few years and got married in 2015. I want to say that it is a really great service that can actually help its members to find the true love.

                                    Submitted by Jack

Meet My Biker Husband on BikerPlanet

If you are wondering which online biker dating site is great for you, then I can say it is BikerPlanet. Because I found my husband on that website two years ago and we live a better life than we were single. It is a great dating site designed for single biker men and biker women with a huge database and massive outstanding features. My husband and I are using the site now to find like-minded biker friends to have group ride to remote areas and gather together to discuss the skills and experiences.

                                    Submitted by Alice is recommended by one riding friend I met in motorcycle rally is recommended by one of my riding friends I met in my local motorcycle rally last year. I joined the site and used it for about 9 months. I am not to use it for meeting local biker girls, but for inviting some riders for my biker riding party. I have married and have two boys, so I only want to ride for friendship. I think I have gone to the right place since I found many people who are looking only friendship on the site. I received many messages for partnership instead of relationship. This is the reason I recommend this site to you, too. If you want to look for dating a biker woman or man, please go to BikerKiss

Submitted by Lily

Search for My Ideal Biker Matches Easily

Hi, I have been single for five years. And now I decide to date a single biker men online. As a biker woman, I know it is not easy to find a like-minded man who can understand me and share the same interest with me. So, it is best for myself to meet local biker on online biker dating site. I get a chance to know the famous online website for bikers, Biker Planet by chance. Then I join the site immediately and then I know that I will end my single life finally. There are numerous useful features that can actually help its member to search for their ideal matches. And the communication tools are at hand. In a word, I highly recommend Biker Planet for all single motorcycle riders.
                                    Submitted by Emily

Online Dating—You Can Try

Hey, biker guys! I am a single biker woman who is planning to find a local biker man for love. I decide to join an online dating website for biker singles. I know there are amount of biker dating websites on the net, and it is not easy that choose a pretty biker dating site to look for right match with similar interest. I try to join a biker dating site—Biker Planet, there are many useful search features that can help me looking for right biker match, and there are over half of million members that all of them are motorcycle enthusiasts, which offers more chances for me to find love with a biker single. Biker Planet is really a good online dating service site for biker singles, you can have a try like me.

                                    Submitted by Michacl

Get Serious Relationship With Bikers Online

I am a single biker woman looking for someone with similar interest for love and for friendship. With the rapidly development of networking, online dating has become the main way to meet and date like-minded friends. I intend to join a biker dating website to date a motorcycle man. After making a simple understanding about biker dating site, I found Biker Planet dating site is one of the most professional and leading motorcycle dating sites. It offer its members many search features to search for right biker match, and provides some unique communication sections to the users expressing their ideas and comments. Advanced searches are available, such as location search, age search, education search, religion search, and so on. Optional memberships — gold member and standard member, the former can enjoy all the dating services, but the behind can’t. in a word, after the trial a week, I think Biker Planet Dating Site is a good place for biker singles to look for right biker match like me.

                                      Submitted by  David

Look For Like-Minded Friends Online

I am a real biker man who is going to hook up with a beautiful local woman who rides motorcycle. So I decide to join an online biker dating website which has good reputations and high qualities. Compared with many motorcycle dating sites, I think BikerPlanet dating site comply with those two conditions, even more. Firstly, free join, and could create a free dating profile; secondly, there are many useful search features, such as location, age, religion, language, passenger or backseat, and so on; thirdly, two kind of optional memberships — standard and gold membership; lastly, quickly matches which could let its members know who are suitable for them and recommend to them according to the basic information that filled in the profile. I love these dating features, which could save my both time and money to help me search for like-minded friends.

                                      Submitted by John

Stay Passion to Meet Local Biker Singles

I am a single biker man, divorced 8 years ago. And since last year, I set about finding a local woman who is keen on motorcycle riding to meet and date with. But I was a bit confused at the beginning, and don’t know how to do it, even had several failed dating experiences. In spite of this, I also maintained a warmly heart that keep going to meet and date with the local biker babes. Just three months ago, I succeed in connecting with a local Harley woman who divorced 2 years ago. We think we are so lucky that find each other in the boundless huge crowd. We appreciate that BikerPlanet provides such an opportunity for us. Looking for love on biker dating site is also a good way, in our opinion. Just stay your passion on dating, you’ll make it.

Submitted by Yellayamaha

Good Idea To Look For Love

With the increasing number of motorcycle riders who start looking for love with other biker singles online, there is full of hundreds of thousands of biker dating websites. Maybe you ever heard of a big and leading biker dating site — Biker Planet, which has appealed to over half million biker singles and motorcycle enthusiasts. Once you join this biker dating site, you will get many chances to find relationships and friendships, and also you will save a lot of money and times. If you are interested in looking for love with another local biker single, joining Biker Planet absolutely is the first choice, because there not only offer you chances to you to find love, but also a good place to  learn more knowledge about motorcycles and riding. 

                                         Submitted by Carson

BikerPlanet—A Good Place To Find Love

Two years ago, when I rode my motorcycle along the open roads, I felt very lonely and gloomy. Someday, I made an important decision that look for a woman who ride motorcycle for riding partner and serious relationship. I knew looking for love online is a good way, so I registered an account on BikerPlanet—a professional online dating site for biker singles. By using those useful search features, I was succeed in getting in touch with a beautiful biker babe in my area and making some like-minded friends with other motorcycle enthusiasts in one year. Now, I often ride motorcycle out with my biker girl, and we decide to get married and hold a motorcycle wedding next year. We are very grateful for this biker dating site that help us finding each other.

                                        Submitted by Holly

Keep Going In Finding Love Online

I am a biker man, single. I want to find woman who rides a motorcycle for friendship, even love. At the beginning, I often ride my motorcycle moving on the road in my living area to hook up with other biker singles, but failed. And then, I join an online biker dating site—Biker Planet, where are many members who love riding motorcycles from all over the world. Although I haven’t found a suitable biker woman now, I will continue to look for love on this biker dating site. I believe I can find a perfect biker babe as soon as possible, because this biker dating website offers many chances to me to meet other single female motorcycle riders.    

                                           Submitted by Scott


Never Give Up to Look for Your True Love

I'm male, 57, been on this site for six months.  I want to date with women who mostly 40-56 range, divorced. I've have dated several women from this top biker dating site in last 6 months.  I like to wait until I get someone that either emails me or shows interest on me actually contact them. After few emails contact with somebody, I try to initate contact with them.I met some who have the same interested in motorcycle,  but they all not what I need. While I giving up I met my true love. I really think she is my lover whom I want to walk along the life road with when the first time I saw her photos on biker dating website. After realistic contract in the next time, we both thought each other is the best one. So I really thanks BikerPlanet dating site. I',m so lucky. 
Submitted by Megan

BikerPlanet Not Only Helps Me Get out of Single But Brings Me Lots of Biker Friends

I'm a dutiful fans of BikerPlanet dating. I have joined it for almost one year. At first, my destination was to make many biker friends then we can always have a biker trip together. I did associate many biker friends. And the most important thing is I met my boy friend in a motorcycle trip party. Now we have been together for three months. We get along well with each other. I am so grateful about Biker Planet. It is the top biker dating site. The most happy thing for me that I find my boy friend and gets lots of biker friends there.
Submitted by Amy 

The Real Love won't Leave Whatever You Are Doing If You Love

Motorcycle is the most important thing in my life. I love it very much. I used to take part in many motorcycle matches. I had been married, but divorced after married two years. My ex-husband can't understand why I so crazy about motorcycle. He thought my motorcycle was much more important than him. He couldn't bear anymore, so we got separated. My friend think there would be someone who can take care of me after I got divorced for several months, so she replaces me sign up the grate biker dating site called Biker Planet. There are several biker guys show their favour to me. I refused at first, through the enlighten by my friend, I started to date with the biker man who I thought seems fine. Now I have boyfriend named Kaden. He also the motorcycle hobbyist. We have same point, and we often ride motor together, share the motorcycle experience with each other. And we plan to have a motorcycle wedding.

Submitted by Grace

Find your Mr.right Needs you to Take the First Step Bravely

I'm so grateful to meet my Mr.right on biker planet dating. I'd never tried internet dating before and I thought finding someone right online was unbelievable to be true. I took a try, and I'm so glad that I joined biker planet family! It's not instant. It took me nearly two months to find a guy I wanted to exchange more than a few emails with. Although there are some guys I don't like, it just like in real life. But there are also a lot of nice, honest motorcycle boys and guys out there looking for the same thing as I am.

Submitted by Anna 

BikerPlant Helps me Found my True Love

I found my biker girl on the BikerPlant. Her photo looks so perfect and beautiful. She makes me think that she is my destined biker girl. So I wrote her an email based on her interest in her profile and she replied me soon. We talk about our interest about motorcycle,  she also interested on me and wanted to know me more. Then, we became more and more intimate and always ride out together. Biker guys, it is easy to capture biker girls' attention and hearts.  The key is to hand over your heart first. Hope all biker men can find their dream biker girl online.

Submitted by Johnson

BikerPlanet has a plug-in which allow us to add on Chrome

I like Biker Planet dating site since it have a easy use plug-in which allow us to add it to my favorite browser Chrome. It is the second choice next to App on the phone since it is very convenient to check my messages from my riding partners on BikerPlanet. With the plug-in, I just need to open my Chrome browser and click on the icon of BikerPlanet, the login popup window will show up. I like it very much. You can try it if you use Chrome browser, too. I am not sure why Biker planet has not added a App in APP store. If you like to use phone to check biker dating service, please try to search BikerKiss.

Submitted by MonicaonHD

I am so popular on BikerPlanet, lol...

Other user's entire life, personality, appearance, hobbies, income, religion and other personal data can be seen on the page entirely. That's the first step to know others and decide if you want to go further. It only took a few seconds to upload my photo on the site and I emphasized my wheels in the picture. Compared with some other male profiles, I realized why I am so popular on BikerPlanet. Most of the male members on the site are chubby old men with ratty goatees and dirty bandanas.

Submitted By John White

I find my lover on BikerPlanet

I find my special biker lover on the biker dating site, and I am so happy to share my dating story with you. From my personal experience, I think most girls are too prissy and squeamish. So I will always choose an unfazed tomboy rather than a bratty diva. But my carnal has not been fulfilled through regular means and maybe needs a busty biker. Therefore, I take the chance to look online and I found BikerPlanet with wild, adventurous and hot motorcyclists frequently. Lucky for me, I found my lover there after I registered I realized that was the best decision I have ever made. Even I would have paid for more than the required $16.66 for the opportunity.

Submitted by Fatboy

I met the special biker man of my dream on Biker planet

I first joined to in August of 2013. My riding friend said about his loving story that he found his special love on the biker dating site. I placed a profile without without really thinking about it too much, but after only three days of being online on the site, Dana sent a free wink at me. I subscribed to he site and started conversing with her online. After some times of email connecting and phone calls. She rode from Houston to Tucson in September of 2013. I were ready too when I was so pleased to meet a single woman who has the same interest and love of motorcycle riding like I do. We continued to ride out for dating on the weekends, but riding dating was not enough for us. In October, Dana left her job, put all her belongings in storage, and come the road with me and my job. She got a tell me, her life today is exciting, fantastic, so much more than she had EVER anticipated. We were married in last week. We travel all over the western US with my work, riding on the weekends to wherever the road takes us. All I can say, is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to BikerPlanet. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would meet the "perfect" woman.

My Advice to other biker singles looking for love

One of the quickest ways for a biker dating to sour is for single biker women and men to be dishonest. While outright lying is never a good idea, the dishonesty that I’m talking about here is being dishonest with who you are, and how you present yourself to the world. This dishonesty can take the form of doing things that repel you or that you feel are morally wrong just for the sake of being with someone, changing your habits, not because doing so would make you a better person, but in order to please the other biker friends, and sometimes even lying to yourself about who and what you find attractive. It can start out relatively innocent and small, and may seem to be a way to find a common and middle ground with your new biker friends. While some compromise is necessary in any solid relationship read more dating tips on biker dating site.

Submitted by Jhononhd

My failed experience dating on Biker Planet

As a biker girl, I believe that the biker dating site should be my first choice online. I search on search engines. Biker Planet dating site is ranked as the second biker dating site next to, so I joined the first two sites. I searched out 150 local matches within my search arrange such as age and location. I know the number is not so good if you search on some big general dating sites such as Match, eHarmony ect. But it is great when you get such a result on the niche biker dating website. I feel luck when the number show up on biker planet biker site. I joined and put my photos with my dating information, then sent about 100 emails out to those who are in my area. Two weeks later, I got ZERO response. I wrote to their site manager and asked what the wrong is with me, but no response, either. I am so unsatisfied with service that I left the site and end my first try of online biker dating. I will not recommend Bikerplanet to you since I failed to get response from both the site members and managers. I will not recommend to you either since I did not upgrade there. But you may try it since it is ranked as top one by search engines and the site noticed that they had been online for biker dating for 14 years. Maybe it is a better choice.

Submitted by Jessie Lee gathers a group of erotic cougars gathers a group of erotic cougars and they are not rude in any fashion. They only pursuit rowdy romance and they always get what they desire. So, all of these are come from my own experience. If you are interested, just search the site and enjoy yourself.

Submitted by Cougarrider

BikerPlanet search tools make me feel riding

Fun and fast, the search system of BikerPlanet just make me feel like riding a motorcycle. The advanced search options include only age, distance and photo. And “Who’s Online” always have activities. Rapid Match can also help me find new damsels.There is built-in Facebook integration for members to share things with your close friends there. But that don’t do me a favor, because I’d rather keep this site a secret from my friends. Don’t want them to know where I hook up with these hot ladies.The profiles of all the members here are comprehensive, which seems like they have laid all of their cards out on the table.

Submitted by Monica J

The mobile version of BikerPlanet is helpful

My Little Black Book on the biker planet dating site is full of alternatively hip babes and the forum is also brimming with nasty member interactions. Standard members will pay a mere $1 to get access to the forum. And I also saved lots of naughty pictures from the forum which are all directly from the feisty women.The mobile version of BikerPlanet is helpful to pick up chicks on the move. You can see all the essential features are streamlined on your mobile photo and you can use it as easy as on the computer.

Submitted by Coco Che

Online Dating Site Is Also a Good Way To Find a Partner

Bikers get on  motorcycle dating websites for lots of different reasons, what about mine was to find a lasting relationship and can understand my biker career. I've tried some dating sites before getting on biker planet, and I met some nice people, went on several dates. I'm a busy professional with motorcycle, so I want to have someone who can understand me. I had no idea where to start the dating process while motorcycle dating giving me a way to meet people with same interest. Although I am single yet, I found one whom I like to chat with, and I want to have a deep touch with her.

Submitted by Jack