My Advice to other biker singles looking for love

One of the quickest ways for a biker dating to sour is for single biker women and men to be dishonest. While outright lying is never a good idea, the dishonesty that I’m talking about here is being dishonest with who you are, and how you present yourself to the world. This dishonesty can take the form of doing things that repel you or that you feel are morally wrong just for the sake of being with someone, changing your habits, not because doing so would make you a better person, but in order to please the other biker friends, and sometimes even lying to yourself about who and what you find attractive. It can start out relatively innocent and small, and may seem to be a way to find a common and middle ground with your new biker friends. While some compromise is necessary in any solid relationship read more dating tips on biker dating site.

Submitted by Jhononhd