The Real Love won't Leave Whatever You Are Doing If You Love

Motorcycle is the most important thing in my life. I love it very much. I used to take part in many motorcycle matches. I had been married, but divorced after married two years. My ex-husband can't understand why I so crazy about motorcycle. He thought my motorcycle was much more important than him. He couldn't bear anymore, so we got separated. My friend think there would be someone who can take care of me after I got divorced for several months, so she replaces me sign up the grate biker dating site called Biker Planet. There are several biker guys show their favour to me. I refused at first, through the enlighten by my friend, I started to date with the biker man who I thought seems fine. Now I have boyfriend named Kaden. He also the motorcycle hobbyist. We have same point, and we often ride motor together, share the motorcycle experience with each other. And we plan to have a motorcycle wedding.

Submitted by Grace