My failed experience dating on Biker Planet

As a biker girl, I believe that the biker dating site should be my first choice online. I search on search engines. Biker Planet dating site is ranked as the second biker dating site next to, so I joined the first two sites. I searched out 150 local matches within my search arrange such as age and location. I know the number is not so good if you search on some big general dating sites such as Match, eHarmony ect. But it is great when you get such a result on the niche biker dating website. I feel luck when the number show up on biker planet biker site. I joined and put my photos with my dating information, then sent about 100 emails out to those who are in my area. Two weeks later, I got ZERO response. I wrote to their site manager and asked what the wrong is with me, but no response, either. I am so unsatisfied with service that I left the site and end my first try of online biker dating. I will not recommend Bikerplanet to you since I failed to get response from both the site members and managers. I will not recommend to you either since I did not upgrade there. But you may try it since it is ranked as top one by search engines and the site noticed that they had been online for biker dating for 14 years. Maybe it is a better choice.

Submitted by Jessie Lee